Need Inspiration To Start Your Own Business?

what-is-your-whyI recently participated with Connie Ragen Green’s group inside The Weekend Marketer program in which she gave us an assignment that consisted of writing an article about what was our « Why? »

Why are we doing what we are doing? What are the motives behind our efforts to build our businesses?

“The answers to that question comprise the book What Is Your WHY?

Some of the chapters were written by people who have been making their living online
for some time.

Some by people just now starting out, still trying to find their footing.

Some were written by those well on their way toward having their online business provide their full time income.

Their businesses are varied and their reasons why as varied as they are.

Whether you’re starting your business (or thinking of starting one) simply
to get out of the rat race, to provide for your family, to have the freedom to
travel, to have an impact on the world and the people around you, or any other
reason, you will find some inspiration in the pages of this book.

And the more clear you get about what your reason why is, the easier it will
be to do what needs to be done.”

Connie compiled all the articles from the group and Geoff Hoff edited same to create the « What Is Your Why? » eBook!
what-is-your-why-table-of-contentI’m so happy that Connie asked us to write about it as it reiterates my plans and gives me even more momentum to continue pursuing my goals.

And I so much enjoyed reading all the stories. :-)

what-is-your-whySo it will be no surprise to you if I say that I highly recommend that you grab your own copy of this truly empowering book as the story of each of the co-authors will, without any doubts, truly inspire you!

Remember….the stronger your “Reasons Why”, the more you’ll achieve in life.

Everything is possible!

Janice Dugas