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Many of you have probably already made good efforts to get your social media platforms up and running, but if your social media strategy is not working or you want to get your business more 'visible' on social media and wondering where to start, claim your 30 minutes free consultation .

I've been around for more than 20 years and seen many changes along the way. You want results, right? Let's talk !

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social media workshops


Want to increase your reach on social media? Get more LIKES on Facebook, more connections on LinkedIn, more subscribers to your list?

Come discover proven strategies that will bring you these results in our workshops. We will show you how to Fan Page your business like a Pro, connect with prospects and clients on LinkedIn and nurture your community with email marketing and blog posts that will educate, inspire, and motivate your clients, fans, followers and subscribers.

These half day workshops are made available online and in the classroom. You may choose to be in a group or privately, one-on-one, to have my attention focusing only on your business. If not now...when? Grab your seat to the next workshop. You'll save time and money!

wordpress mini site evolution


Throughout my social networking and clients meetings, I've encountered so many entrepreneurs that did not have the budget for a full fledge website, that I got on a mission of solving this problem.

I've asked web designer Jean (John) from my team, to create a WordPress template for a mini site which would provide a presence on the web without all the bells and whistle but still very decently feature a company's mission and the products and services offered.

He worked at it ...and Eureka! We are very happy to introduce you to our first mini site version that we nicknamed EVOLUTION because it is a starting point. With time, once cash flow is generated, you'll be able to evolve with this mini site up to a full fledge version. Ain't that cool?  Check it out! 🙂