One simple mistake with SEO on your site can make the difference between ranking on the first page of Google, or not being found at all.

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You already made good efforts to get your social media up and running, but your marketing strategies does not generate positive results to the level you expected? There is definitely something in need of a tweak. As the saying goes, 'Don't quit..shift!'

You want results, right? So let's talk ! I've been navigating the realms of online visibility for more than 20 years, so I definitely can guide you to the next best step.

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Since 2011, I have been assisting professionals and solopreneurs to leverage their online presence with proven marketing strategies and I look forward to have you join the ranks of my community!

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Drive website traffic, build awareness & generate higher quality leads with social media masterclass trainings. Producing educational content answering the questions of customers will help you attract more new customers as well as bring back existing ones.

During the workshops, you will learn the best, most useful marketing information:

  • How to optimize for search engine your virtual assets (SEO)
  • How to increase your list of followers, connections, subscribers.
  • How to leverage your time on social media with automation tools
  • How to create, monitor and manage paid advertising campaigns
  • How to track your results and best of all -  how to avoid the pitfalls!

If not now, when? GRAB YOUR SEAT to save time and money!

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Every business knows the importance of social media. Whether you are using influencers, referrals, or simply putting out good content yourself, social media has proven to be a key factor in creating brand awareness and reaching out to your ideal prospects.

Get on the right path to fast-track the achievement of your business objectives with guided web marketing coaching. Benefit from many years of expertise in marketing strategies to support you along the journey of the implementation of essential key elements of an online presence. It is your time to be found by those in need of your solutions, products and services.

Have your website audited for best SEO, learn to publish content your clients are looking for, stay in touch with them with email follow-up, create simple and successful sales funnels and master the best practices in free and paid advertising. LET'S WORK TOGETHER to improve your online visibility, credibility and profitability.