What will you get out from a private one-on-one consultation?

You want results, right? Many of you have probably already made great efforts to get your social media platforms up and running, learned a lot about web visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) and may even have helped some others on the way.

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But you’re not there yet. You sense there is more to do, but you just can’t seem to figure it all out on your own.

Working with a professionally trained social media consultant can give you the conceptual perspective you didn’t even know you were looking for, as well as laying out the stepping stones along the path that will get you where you want to go with your online presence.

For all my years as a professional online marketing strategist, I’ve lost track of how many times, at the end of a session, my clients have expressed that they feel a huge sense of relief…. and they haven’t even started anything yet!  🙂

Why? Because they could finally see, in a nut shell, the whole story. They come out of the consultation session armed with the knowledge of what exactly is going on, how it is impacting them, why it has occurred and what is the most efficient and effective steps that will resolve it!

And yes, the majority of people may think that they know what they need to do, and are just having trouble doing it. But usually it is a bit more complicated and they don’t actually know where the source of their lack of results lies, or how to best approach resolving it.

golden arrow points to expertIf you feel that this level of guidance is exactly what you’ve been looking for, then book a discovery call and let’s talk about it. You too will be relieved to step unto a well laid out path to optimum ROI for your online presence.

Looking forward to make your business shine online!

Janice Dugas

Online Marketing Strategist

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