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As a dedicated online visibility strategist since 2011, I specialize in mentoring and guiding entrepreneurs and independent professionals to enhance website traffic, improve online visibility, reach the right audience and grow their revenue.

My services are tailored for professionals who are committed to consistency in their marketing efforts, recognizing that true engagement and success come from regular, focused actions rather than chasing after a vast but shallow follower base.

My approach is not for everyone; it’s specifically designed for individuals who understand the value of a smaller, more engaged community and are willing to do the necessary work to achieve their goals.

If you’re looking to elevate your online presence and grow your business to the next level of success with a clear and focused mindset, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

My goal is to develop materials, programs, and offerings designed to empower my clients in expanding a successful and fulfilling online business.


During my tenure in the corporate sector, I acquired valuable experience overseeing the implementation and integration of the inaugural computerized system. This role required me to adapt and educate the workforce on utilizing this novel technology, which, frankly, was initially met with significant apprehension from most employees, especially among those in the Accounting department, where I served as Supervisor.

While working full-time, I ventured into the digital frontier by creating my first website in 1999, seizing the burgeoning opportunities presented by the nascent World Wide Web. Utilizing Front Page, a popular software of that era, I crafted a niche site dedicated to philately and topical stamp collecting—a side hustle that quickly evolved into a business until we sold it in 2007.

This venture allowed me to travel extensively on week-ends and vacation periods in Canada and the United States as a stamp dealer, specializing in thematic collections, a concept that was relatively uncommon at the time. Most collectors traditionally focused on acquiring stamps by country, but our emphasis on themes set us apart and carved out a unique space for us in the e-commerce domain. This approach not only distinguished us but also led to unexpected success, proving the potential of specialized online marketplaces long before they became mainstream.

These experiences have taught me that a passion can evolve into a viable business. While it demands considerable effort, it can also yield greater freedom and a profound sense of satisfaction.

Now, I impart the systems and methodologies I’ve refined through years of individual client work, guiding you on how to initiate, expand, and elevate your own enterprise.

How may I serve you? Let’s get started!

To Your Success!