janice dugas online marketing strategistHello and thank you for stopping by to learn a bit more about me and make a connection! 😊

I’m excited to introduce myself as a dedicated blogger and online marketing strategist, specializing in driving organic traffic to blogs and websites. My journey over the past twelve years has deeply immersed me in the realms of content marketing and social media marketing.

As a recognized authority in content marketing, my expertise covers a broad range of areas including traffic generation, social media strategies and effective blogging. My mission is to help entrepreneurs, local business owners, and my fellow bloggers to stand out and succeed.

Through personalized consulting and mentoring, I aim to unleash the unique potential of my clients, equipping them to serve their customers with distinction and adopt the best practices for expanding their reach and forging meaningful connections with their audience.

Having navigated the challenges of aligning various elements for success, I understand the importance of maintaining consistency and dedication to enhance visibility, establish credibility, and boost profitability.

My greatest joy comes from guiding others towards their own triumphs. The opportunity to give back and positively impact the lives of others truly fuels my passion and brings joy to my heart.

If you’re looking to implement effective marketing strategies, grow your audience, and attract new customers, I’m here to help illuminate your online presence.

Here’s to Your Powerful Online Impact!


P.S.: My background is in Accounting, where I’ve worked as a Comptroller in Commercial Real Estate Development. Additionally, I hold a degree in Library Science and have a deep love for books 📚!


Janice Dugas is an online marketing strategist and entrepreneur.

She works with business owners and solopreneurs to refine their message, reach a larger audience & grow their revenue.

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