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My name is Janice Dugas, founder of Majalis Web Media Services. I’m an online visibility and web marketing strategist, co-author, speaker, trainer and mentor living in Mirabel, on the north shore of Montreal, in the beautiful province of Quebec.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in learning more about online visibility, blogging, eCommerce and creating passive income to work from home or from wherever you are in the world, then you have come to the right place. 🙂

A short glimpse on my professional background ; I graduated with a Library and Information Technician diploma as I wanted to work in librairies. I LOVE BOOKS. But the Universe had other plans, and instead, I started my first ‘corporate job’ working as an Accounts Payable clerk at Kenwoods Moving & Storage, (Allied Van Lines) a long distance moving & storage company.

Over a span of seven years, I’ve learned the thirteen jobs that were part of the Accounting department, wrote the job description and procedures for each of them and built my way up to be the right arm of the Accounting Supervisor. 😉

Then, in the summer of 1981, I moved to a bookkeeping position for a major Real Estate Development & Leasing company based in downtown Montreal, First Quebec Corporation owned by Mr Eugene Riesman, who contributed enormously to the development and economy of Montréal in the modern transformation of the city’s downtown core.

This has been a wonderful period of my ‘corporate life’ that lasted 15 years, and this time around, built my way to become the right arm of the Financial Comptroller. Loved each day I was there and profoundly proud of having contributed within the First Quebec team to the building of those impressive and unique high rise office buildings that are today Montreal’s downtown landmarks.

Since then, I’ve had two eCommerce store, one catering to philatelists and worldwide postage stamps collectors, which we sold in 2007, and another, created in 2008, catering to Canvas & Posters Art Print lovers on the topic of vintage movies and book covers is still live at www.candlesbook.com

The second online store was created while participating in 2008 Ed Dale’s ‘Thirty Day Challenge’, and from there on, I continued learning, applying, earning and being mentored by very great mentors; Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, Kathleen Gage, Armand Morin, Connie Ragen Green, Lynn Terry, Maria Gudelis, Jon Loomer, Donna Kozik and many many more.

We are blessed to live in a world where communication and technology are easily accessible to whomever wants to share its message with the world, offer products and services, that will make positive impact on other people’s lives.

My mission is to guide you and entrepreneurs alike to navigate the complex maze of online visibility and help improve your web presence, get more exposure, drive more visitors and build strong relationships to increase your customer base.

I truly would be very honored to have the opportunity to contribute making your business shine online!

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Janice Dugas  | Your Online Visibility Trusted Advisor

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