Starting Before Perfection — 2 Comments

  1. I really appreciate this post Janice. Becoming my own boss, I really had to work on “good is good enough”. If I waited for things to be perfect, nothing would be accomplished at this point. The nice thing is now when I put something out and there’s an error, I can use it to be a role model for my clients that I practice what I preach!

    • Thank you Mary for taking the time to share your experience and contribute to the discussion. Yep, striving for flawlessness may hinder us from accomplishing our full potential and appreciate our ability to convert any mistakes into valuable lessons for our clientele. Embracing the adequate is sufficient mindset, and we will not only witness growth in terms of numerical accomplishments, but also in the accumulation of knowledge and the development of inner strength. Good luck with your business venture!Until next, take care and all the very best. Janice

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