Facebook Masterclass

facebook training workshop

Join this online session to learn the best strategies for how to leverage your time and maximise your impact on Facebook.

Facebook is still, by far, the largest social network, used by more people than any other social platform.

Learn how to use the tools to gain more visibility and ultimately attracts more clients.


  • Demystifying Facebook Marketing and Advertising
  • Create engaging quality content and best publishing practices
  • Taking consistent action to create interest in your business.
  • Implementing key SEO ranking factors on your business Page
  • Increase Likes and Engagement from followers with actionable strategies
  • Automate with software tools & social media planner
  • Run your own Facebook Ad campaigns efficiently and effectively
  • Analyse insights, statistics and metrics to take better decisions


​By the end of this workshop, you'll feel much clearer and more confident in your Facebook marketing and effective with running ads! Plus...tons of tips on dos and dont's.

Let's get going!