Facebook PRO Workshop

facebook training workshop

Fan Page Your Business Like A Pro!


  • Key SEO ranking factors for your Facebook Page
  • Proven strategies to increase Likes and Engagement from Fans
  • Best practices for quality content posts
  • Facebook ad campaign
  • Automation tools
  • Insights, statistics and metrics
  • Social Media Planner


Time:  9 am to 12 pm

Rates:  Private: 295$ | Group 150$/pp

Format: Social Media Workshops are given live on Zoom.


I truly believe that the path to success is attainable through education. My training programs are dedicated to teaching the lonely content creator how to become a content entrepreneur and turn their business into a content empire.

Consequently, be it to improve your online visibility, gain credibility and ultimately increase profitability or simply to attract more visitors to your website, these training programs will position yourself in front of your targeted audiences to serve them with excellence !

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Leverage your time on social media and how to calculate your ROI;
  • Increase your list of subscribers and generate more revenue.
  • Save time with web automation tools to gain more freedom
  • Track your results and best of all -  how to avoid the pitfalls!


Who could benefit from these workshops?

Startups, entrepreneurs, creators, freelancers, field experts, local business owners and any wishing to learn how to enhance their social influence with web marketing strategies and lead generation as well as nonprofits and larger organizations who need to get up to speed with our social media culture.

Sounds great?

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