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My name is Janice Dugas, online visibility, co-author, speaker, trainer and mentor based on the north shore of Montreal, in the beautiful province of Quebec. You are invited to visit About Janice Dugas to discover more of my background and professional journey.

testimonial Each day I help entrepreneurs improve their online visibility by taking into account search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and reaching the right people on social media. As you might know, consistent online presence is key to attracting clients, increase conversions and build online authority.

And the good news is that nowadays, there are endless ways to promote products and services online. New tools and strategies are emerging rapidly and the draw back is that it becomes quite overwhelming to keep up. Don't despair..there is light at the end of the tunnel !

With a great plan and effective systems in place, it becomes very simple and easy to stay on top of it all. So if you are serious about building a long term business online or leveraging an existing one, and in need of improving your online visibility, let’s make it happen together.

I am honored to serve you.

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Janice Dugas

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What is Online Visibility

search_online_visibilityOnline visibility is all about being found wherever people are searching online for solutions, products and services that your business provides, be it on your website or on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter.

The truth of the matter is that nowadays, with new technologies, it is much easier to implement the key elements that make your site easy to find, give you a strong presence and effectively grow your business online.

Why Online Visibility is important

connecting on social mediaAll entrepreneurs with a passion for their products and services want to develop entrepreneurial skills to make their own money, and I would bet you are one of them.

By having a consistant presence online, you will attract more visitors to your website, grow your audience and increase your sales because prospects will find you.

What if you had Online Visibility

target market audienceHere are the benefits of having an effective online visibility:

  • Users finding your site
  • Daily new visitors converting into prospects and ultimately into clients and raving fans.
  • Building your brand reputation
  • Standing out from your competition
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • People trust Top 10 results in SERP

How do I help Online Visibility

what makes you uniqueOne-on-One and Group Training Workshops (Zoom)

  • Website Optimization  : OnPage and OffPage Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Creation:search engines now looking for sites with meaningful information
  • Blogging: engaging content that will help develop a buyer relationship because visitors will find value in visiting your site
  • Social Media: building, nurturing and supporting  your social following on Facebook and LinkedIn

Wish to uncover your unique story?

This great workbook will guide you to do just that!

" Your Story. Your Brand. "

Embrace Your Unique Story to Create a One-of-a-Kind Business

Accomplished coaches and service providers know that true success is found in that magical space where your passions, your goals, and your personality meet. Only when you take the time to get to know yourself well—when you do the “internal work” necessary to discover your unique story—will you find business growth to be nearly effortless.

Not only that, but when you are able to define what makes you unique, you’ll find you naturally appeal to just the right clients at just the right time. Marketing will automatically become easier, your funnel will fill itself, and sales will be painless.

Imagine the joy of waking up each day looking forward to “work.” That’s exactly what you’ll find when you uncover your unique story.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (17 PAGES):

  • Step 1: What’s Your Why?

Exercise: Create a Vision Board

  • Step 2: Your Story Matters

Exercise: Write Your Personal Story

  • Step 3: Write Your Mission Statement

Exercise: Write Your Mission Statement

  • Step 4: Your Unique Offer

Exercise: Share Your Business Story

  • Step 5: Attracting Your Ideal Client

Exercise: Create Your Ideal Client Avatar

  • Step 6: Your Story Becomes Your Unique Products and Programs

Exercise: 20 Problems Your Ideal Client Will Face

  • Step 7: The Best Marketing Comes from Sharing Your Story Authentically

Exercise: Research Stories and Authenticity

  • Step 8: Unique Stories Turn Competitors Into Colleagues

Exercise: List Your Top Competitors and Brainstorm Ways to Work Together


Increase Your Online Visibility with the

 Weekly Social Media Planner

What's more important than Google when it comes to driving traffic to your website, sales pages, and affiliate offers?
If you said social media, you're absolutely right.

With billions of loyal users, sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are responsible for huge website traffic.

Clearly, social media is a marketing method we all need to pay attention to. But if you've ever tried to put the power of social media to work for your business and then not seen the results you wanted, you probably figured out pretty quickly that without a plan, it's easy to flounder around and not really achieving anything.

As you make your way through this workbook, you will understand that the best social media plan must offer a cohesive melding of content to tell a story and lead followers along a natural path, much like your sales funnel does.

Learn ways to automate and systemize your social media posts, get ideas to create meaningful engaging content and where to find content to keep your audience coming back for more! ~~ Plus Fillable Social Media Planners and Content.

weekly social media plannerTruly the ultimate step-by-step blueprint you can follow to improve your presence on social media and by the same token increase your online visibility.


Inside the Weekly Social Media Planner Workbook (18-pages) you will find:

  • How to Automate & Systematize
  • #Hashtags Matter
  • Events & Promotions
  • Content Themes
  • Let Your Followers Know What’s Happening Right Now
  • Tell New Fans About Your Best Stuff From The Past
  • It’s Not All About You
  • Images, Quotes, Inspiration,
  • Best Quotes and Inspiration


You will love having this planner that you can download or print off to help you apply as you learn!

Ready? Let's make it happen right now! 🙂

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Connie Ragen Green

"Janice Dugas is the awesome awesome person that will make a difference for you in your business and your social media presence. I am thrilled to have her as a speaker at my Live event in Los Angeles, CA! "

Connie Ragen Green, Santa Barbara, USA

Connie Ragen Green

Connie Ragen Green

Cynthia Alexander

"Wow Janice! You are such a wealth of knowledge… In less than an hour I learned more about Facebook from you then I have from 10 people before. Thank you for your giving spirit. I’m excited about having you as my coach! Facebook success -here I come! Thanks."

Cynthia Alexander, Dallas, USA

Cynthia Alexander