Janice Dugas


What will you get out of a private social media consultation? You want results, right? Many of you have probably already made a good effort to get your social media platforms up and running, learned a lot about web visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) and may even have helped some others on the way. But you’re not there yet. You sense there is more to do, but you just can’t seem to figure it all out on your own.


Nowadays, it is more than imperative to reach prospects and customers on social and professional web platforms.

Come and discover, during our training sessions in social networking, winning strategies that will increase your visibility on the Web to better educate, inspire, motivate, prospect and retain your customers!


Did you know that Google just love blogs? Here's why…

The articles you publish are a valuable source as they are full of 'keywords' and 'keyword phrases' that are indexed into their database. Ready to dominate your market? Get to your keyboards and let your prospects know that you exist!