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What Exactly is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is recognized as the online social community for business professionals and entrepreneurs. What distinguish LinkedIn from other social sites like Twitter and Facebook is the fact that it’s okay to brand yourself and your business because one of the community members main objective is to expand their business.

You won’t get kicked out of the “virtual” room if you show your business card, so to speak.

Like much offline networking reunions, LinkedIn members communicate together with the goal of making business connections, so you can be more open about it.

Wonder why LinkedIn is Important for an Online Business?

linked-in-penWell, as an example, on a tele-seminar call I was on today, the presenter mentioned that through the connections she has on LinkedIn, she reaches 15,000,000 people! No typo error here…  Ain’t that impressive?

If the possibilities of one connection expanding into thousands, breezing by gatekeepers to talk directly with the person who take the decisions, and creating ventures from the comfort of your home sound appealing, then LinkedIn is the platform for you.

Remember, not too long ago, participating in a local Chamber of Commerce meeting was the way to go for acquiring referrals and build business relationships. Nowadays, we can do it online, right inside the LinkedIn community.

Mind you, you got to be a little bit tech-savvy but it’s an easy skill to acquire.

It is so pleasant to get all the benefits of offline networking without the shuffling from one business luncheon to another one, “hoping” to meet qualified prospects!

LinkedIn provides a platform for you to specifically search and research individuals who you know will directly add value to your endeavors.

Imagine being in the spotlight for sharing your expertise,  inside your industry or your topic, which ultimately will send you back the elevator with eager prospects. Colleagues will recommend your skills and acknowledge your accomplishments without your prompting.  It’s like magic!

And we see this happening each day on LinkedIn.

One of the feature I like best about LinkedIn is that individuals who are not ready to take on the responsibility of a website, may identify, research, contact, follow-up, engage and maintain their contacts inside LinkedIn by using it as a hub to refer business prospects.

Before Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

Setting up a LinkedIn account is a quick and easy process. You literally could set up an account in five minutes and become an official member of the LinkedIn community. However, speed is not the main objective. Rushing could lead to a sloppy profile that doesn’t represent you well which defeats the purpose of joining LinkedIn.

Essentially your profile stands as a resume, business card and elevator speech all rolled into one. Prior to posting any information, there are some proactive steps you can take to ensure your profile works for you and not against you.

Need help?

I’m here for you. Click here for details on how we can help you create, optimize, maintain and share quality content on your LinkedIn account.

Janice Dugas

Online Marketing Strategist



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